Cars Modular Motor Builders Upgrade to ARP Head Studs!

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It seems like in the present high performance market power adders are the easiest way to make a lot of horsepower without having completely rebuilding the actual engine. But extra horsepower puts much more stress on the products that hold the visit the block. ARP Head Studs can easily solve this problem.

Numerous manufacturers are now offering bolt on added horse power of anywhere from 50 to 300 additional horsepower for the very popular Ford Mustang Four.6 Modular Motors by bolting on a supercharger, turbocharger, or nitrous oxide. The consumer is of the opinion that it really is just a bolt on and also a kit. As well as in a lot of cases it could be. Especially with the milder horsepower upgrades, pushed conservatively, a kit might be well suited for no additional add on besides a tuning update.

Whenever I give a quote for a 4.6 Flip-up Engine being designed for use with a energy adder I always recommend that the actual engine be improved to include aftermarket ARP head studs. The factory head fasteners are not capable of sufficient clamping force to hold the head securely to prevent for the increased canister head pressures caused by the power adder. When the engine is producing much more horsepower and has a lot more cylinder pressure, the pinnacle is trying to “lift” off of the block with each explosion in the brain chamber.

Remember within high school when they mentioned about Newton’s Third Legislation of Motion? The third law states that for each and every action (force) in nature there is an equal and also opposite reaction. In this instance the “reaction” is the push trying to “lift” the head from the block. As the force to push the actual piston down increases does the force in order to “lift” the head increase. Seem sensible?

It becomes the “vicious cycle” associated with engine building. The actual stock fasteners can not hold the head effectively so you blow a head gasket. The head has some damage and you have it machined a few thousandths. Now the head is more susceptible to blow another head gasket because the data compression has increased a bit from your machining. Again you get rid of the head and the procedure repeats itself until one day someone suggests that you use an aftermarket set of head studs that can provide sufficient clamping force preventing the top from lifting off of the block.

Head men should be installed on any kind of Modular Several .6 and 5.4 Engine in which a power adder has been put in. Head studs are for sale to all Modular engines. The most popular head guys are manufactured by ARP Head Studs and are available online.


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