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Terms of Trade for AutoTerminal

Vehicles are sold terms FOB and C&F depending on the destination and the shipping company’s terms and

Japan Sales On-Line

  • Prices are shown on IBC Japan’s website priced in Japanese yen as FOB Nagoya or C&F depending on the destination.
  • More than 1,000 vehicles are available for purchase online from inventory in Japan.

Negotiation of Japan Sales

* To negotiate pricing for vehicles in Japan you can contact your Account Manager (AM) in Japan at IBC-Japan Ltd. You can view your inventory and other report information using your IBC login information and password.
* Offers can be submitted on vehicles on-line using the “make-an-offer” function shown on the vehicle checklist.
* All prices are negotiable. All offers and enquiries are welcome.

Japanese Sales and Auctions

* You may visit Japan and visit IBC’s vast network of suppliers, including franchise dealers, local wholesalers, lease companies and auctions.

iDirect Internet Auction Service

* IBC offers more than 150,000 vehicles per week on iDirect ( iDirect is Japan’s only comprehensive online auction service. More than 150 auctions are represented on the iDirect services.
* IBC receives auction data and photographs from Japanese auction houses. This information is loaded into the iDirect database and offered online via the iDirect website.
* A deposit of ¥100,000 is required to submit a live bid onto the iDirect system. Confirmation of the deposit status of each customer is made by the iDirect departments at the local or by IBC in Japan prior to making the proxy bid.

Retention of Title

* You will not receive any vehicles unless those vehicles have been paid for in full. If payment is not received after the due date, we may enter any premises where the goods are and repossess them. No title shall be transferred to you until we receive all the necessary payments and documents.

Penalties and Interest

Click here to read the complete Terms of Trade

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