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Best information before buying a used car

Used cars shopping always entails risks.  More so if you purchase cars from online sources.  Even buying from reputable websites doesn’t always guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the actual car.  Let’s face it, even with the best quality control and compliance to importation standards, a used car is still essentially a used car.

You can however manage these risks if you know what to look for in used car sources.  Here are a few tips that might prove helpful:

  • Understand your options – Although buying used cars direct from sources such as Japan has its advantages such as cheaper cars and more vehicles to choose from but local distributors may be faster and more convenient. If you buy from direct sources, vehicles will need to be shipped in, which means a longer wait and some shipping cost. Local distributors however, usually have their stock available for you to check out directly at the yards. A good way to go might be to check local dealers first. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can consider looking at exporters.
  • Research is a plus – Nobody wants to pay too much for any car. Before considering any vehicle, check online sites that provide current used car values. Usually, car prices are based on purchase histories. While they give you the current average prices for certain makes and models, these should not be taken as absolute benchmarks. In short, research only helps to give you an idea of the acceptable range. You still need to do your own appraisal of the actual vehicle you are planning to buy.
  • Check the car’s accident and ownership history – See if your dealer can provide a full ownership and accident history before purchasing any vehicle. A good rule of thumb is that if the price is too good to be true, it usually is. In some countries like Africa and in the Middle East, stolen vehicles have made it to the market. Horror stories abound of cars being impounded by Interpol from the owners off the street for being stolen. Condition reports and accident histories are also important. Stay away from dealers who don’t offer these.
  • Odometer check – See if the dealer can offer independently provided odometer checks for their vehicles. Odometer fraud is a serious issue especially for older models where mileage becomes suspect. If the vehicle doesn’t come with an odometer certification, pay attention to details that may give you clues to the car’s actual mileage such as the condition of the suspension, tire wear, etc. Check if the vehicle has a service history record you can verify online or with authorized service centers. Service records will include a record of the car’s posted mileage at every servicing entry.
  • Test drive – – Nothing beats a test drive to determine the condition of a vehicle. If you can’t test drive, do a background check on the dealer. Have they been around long enough? Do you know someone who’s bought from them before? Are they affiliated with established and reputable business organizations? Does the dealer give guarantees on the car’s quality? Do they offer documentation on the vehicle’s condition? If the answers are all no, better stay away.

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How to chose the best used car dealer?

Best Quality means expensive most of the time. But if you are knowledgeable or skillful on products, services and background of the company you are engaged, it will save you thousands of dollars. Here are some information you could use before signing a purchase order with second hand or pre-owned  car dealers

1 . Quality Assurance – the dealers should have licensed personnel to conduct vehicles inspections. Some areas being look for a quality unit are vehicles exterior inspection, interior cleaning, mechanical inspection and grading, actual photograph of the car’s status for internet posting, dealers seal of quality and surveyors report. That is right; if the car came from Japan, always find the surveyor report signed by license Japanese engineers.

2. Dealers Guarantee – The used car dealers should guarantees that the vehicles described in their website are as accurately as possible in an on-site inspection. The importer has 14 days from the date the vehicle arrives at the destination port to notify dealer of any defects or fault that you feel is claimable. Number of days varies according to dealer. The days describe here is based on IBC JAPAN –’s   quality assurance  statements.

3. Your dealer should provide Odometer Certification.
An odometer (often known colloquially as a mileometer or milometer) is a device used for indicating distance traveled by an automobile or other vehicle. It may be electronic or mechanical. In IBC Japan, They are giving you added protection against odometer fraud through Odometer Inspections, a quality control service that’s standard in all our units at no additional cost to you.

The verification and certification of each vehicle is conducted by Odometer Inspection Services (OIS), a Japan-based company that has provided independent odometer inspections since 2004. IBC Japan’s OIS inspection service includes the following: Odometer reading inspection, Full instrument panel invasion, Ownership verification and Certification. That is right. If the car came from Japan, always find the Odometer certification signed by OIS. You can verify it with the site.

4. Pre-order your preferred cars – If you are looking for a cars or any autos of a particular brand, model, year and other specifications, at a preferred price but could not find one in the  current online auction and in the nearest car dealer in your area then the the dealer can provide it for you. Word wide  used cars dealers are advantageous with this because they have network of car dealers specially on the following countries like US, UK, South Africa, Asia, Australia, South America and New Zealand. With the Pre-Order feature, you can now submit details of vehicles you are interested in. They will search for the vehicle and immediately notify you through email as soon as they can find one that matches your preferences. No fees, no commitment and no hassle at all.

5. Stolen vehicle check – yes your dealer should provide you with stolen vehicle check certificate. A dealer should have a full ownership history checks on all vehicles. They should guarantee the customers all rights and recourse provided for under Japanese law if problems do arise. This can include legal and/or financial assistance, refund of purchase price, or replacement costs as the situation dictates.

6. Maritime insurance – used to be up to the customer buying from Japan. Some dealer set the insurance as mandatory and included in all FOB and CIF prices. The marine cargo insurance set in place is a broad policy designed to cover major damage to vehicles while in transit to the customer, including the sinking of a vessel carrying the vehicles and general average – a shipping term which means that all cargo owners are required to pay their share of costs should a vessel be stranded or run aground. Including martime insurance in pricing protects the customer’s investment against unforeseen disasters at a minimal cost.

7. Deliveries or Containerization services – To offset and minimize shipping delays for customers due to the recurring shortages of Roll-on Roll-off (RoRo) shipping space, dealer should have scientific containerization services in their pre-export processing centers. The containerization operations should follow the best practices of the industry (ISO) and ensure that vehicles are properly handled and secured against unnecessary damage. The containerization personnel are experienced and trained professionals who use only proper tools and equipment specifically designed for loading and unloading vehicles into containers. To see the images of tools and container handling visit this car link:

8. New and Used Car Parts and Accessories – Yes your dealer should provide you with exact parts the you need. Used car dealers should offer new and used Japanese and American car parts for all vehicles. This feature will provide assurance against frequent industrial innovation on car models and parts.

9. Customer Service –   The dealer should have 24/7 customer service center which can provides timely, accurate and effective responses to inquiries and orders. So, when you think of quality and dependability.

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Used Car Tips

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