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Buy our sale car parts online

Is your Japanese cars in need of replacement parts?
Buy our sale car parts online from world wide used Japanese car dealer.
Our used cars dealers network now has an comprehensive inventory of Aftermarket and OEM vehicle parts from Japan !

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Toyota Used Car in Mombasa Kenya

We are informing everyone in Mombasa Kenya that the Used Toyota Corolla Fielder, Toyota Hilus Surf and 2 Toyota Caldina. The mention Japan used cars has landed in Mombasa, Kenya on below dates and we are selling with no reserve to the highest bid received by August 28, 2009.

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Used Cars Dealer in New Zealand

* To learn the amounts of the Japanese used car you need to click the pictures and chat with 24-7 customer service. Add applicable FOB and OFS fees for the full CIF prices.

* Clicking the Purchase Now button will send an email to us indicating that you want to purchase the vehicle.

* We will be contacting you via Email or Phone to confirm your purchase.

* For details, please visit the used car dealer website here.

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Used Cars NZ

*Click image to view complete vehicle information and condition.
*Click “Buy it first” button to buy now! An online representative is ready to assist!


AA Safety Certified, ATNZ QA checked, MR2A ready!
This is a first come first served basis. We accept cheques and cash, no rain checks.
Prices are valid until 12nn Monday, 24 August 2009. Hurry! Call (09) 257 0050 now!

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3 Used Cars for Bidding at Mombasa Kenya

We would like to inform you that Toyota and Nissan used cars units landed in Mombasa, Kenya on below dates and we are selling the cars through auction to the highest bidder that we will received by August 15, 2009.

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Used Car Online Dealer Redesign its Website

The network of used car dealer of Japanese vehicles has just launched new and improved website with improvements in every major areas like downloading speed, and graphic user interfaces for the benefit of the customers. The new generation 4 website is still showcasing similar features from old website.

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Used Car Tips

For used car under 1000, 2000, 3000 and get affordable car now!
Japanese used cars

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